Industrial Applications

Industrial Steel Strip

In our product group industrial strip, all our products are completely customized and rolled to the desired thickness, tolerances and properties. Maximum width of our steel strip is 250 mm.
Depending on the width of the strip – we can roll down to a thickness of 0,1 mm

4-sided galvanized Cable steel strip

Our cable strips are used as reinforcement in power, sea, oilpump- and communication cable.
The strips are manufactured with very narrow tolerances and the galvanized edges protects against corrosion and increases the lifetime of the product considerably.

Hot dip Galvanized steel strip

Burseryds Bruk has a long tradition of galvanizing and is one of the leading manufacturers of 4-sided hot dip galvanized strip. The material is mostly used within the building industry in the manufacturing of fittings and gutter hooks.

Wine Barrel strip

4 sided galvanized strips for the manufactoring of winebarrels is exported to most of the wine producing countries. Wine barrels are exposed to an aggressive environment for several years, which means there are very high demands on the strips ability to resist corrosion.

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