Burseryds Bruk was founded in 1910 by the Josefsson family. Initially, the production was focused on wire, nails and barbed wire. As time passed on, the focus changed to the production of cold rolled steel strip – which is our core business today.
The company remained in the family until 1975, when the welding company ESAB took over to ensure the availability of thin cold-rolled material for Tubrod electrodes, a key component in the product portfolio of ESAB.

1982, ESAB decided to sell Burseryds Bruk to Cyklop GmbH. The new owner had a strong focus on growth and exports. In the early 1980’s Burseryds Bruk which at that time exported more than 15% of its products, started the journey towards today’s export, which equals about 75% of total sales.

In 1995 The company changed owners again. This time – American based ITW took over and held the helm for almost 20 years. The time with ITW was characterized by increased earnings and a strong focus on efficiency.

2014 Carlyle Group bought the industry segment which included Burseryds Bruk. With the production of steel strapping, Burseryds Bruk added additional strength and know-how to the newly formed Signode Industrial Group which in addition to Signode – also include other well-known quality brands such as Strapex and Orgapack.

In 2018, the Industrial segment was sold again, this time to Crown Holdings, which specializes in various packaging solutions. However, Signode Industrial Group continues to operate as a stand-alone company with its well-known brands.

Burseryds Bruk has a strong local presence, as a majority of the employees resides in the district or in its vicinity. It is not unusual that employees can count up to 30 years or more in total time of employment and often – several generations working side by side. On Burseryds Bruk we strive for a good working environment, safety and encourage our employees to develop and improve their workplace.
Continuous improvement is a key word that permeates the entire corporation, something everyone at Burseryds Bruk and also our customers benefit from.