Our chain of production

Hot-rolled raw material

: The production process starts with slitting hot rolled coils, which weigh approximately 12 ton, in predetermined widths depending on the demands of the end user.

Steel strapping

Material for steel strap is transported to one of our steel strap lines where it will be slit, de-burred and then lacquered or blue annealed. After the surface treatment, the material is re-wound on to either ribbon wound-, oscillated-, or jumbo-coils.

Cold rolled steel strip

Cold rolled steel is processed into a number of different qualities. After pre-rolling, it is possible to anneal, slit, trim roll or roll the edges of the material. It is common to combine the different processes to achieve the mechanical properties and other specifications requested by the customer.

Cable steel strip

This product is cold rolled and slit before the hot dip galvanizing process. When galvanized – the strips are pulled through a continuous annealing furnace, and then passes through the zinc bath. The amount of zinc on the strips is controlled by air knives and line speed. The material is wound on to coils with different inner-and outer diameters.

Hot dip galvanized steel strip

After slitting the raw material, the edges are rolled to give a smooth and round shape. The process also includes a slight trim roll to ensure thickness tolerance. After rolling, the material is transported to the galvanizing line dedicated for galvanizing material with a thickness of 2-6 mm. The material is cleaned, pre-heated and hot dip galvanized in a continuous process. It is then rewound to either ribbon-, jumbo-, or super-jumbo coils.

External sales and production

As a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging, we enable our customers to secure and protect their products during transport. We are a global group of companies with 88 manufacturing facilities on six continents. The products are sold worldwide under well known and trusted brands as: Burseryds Mill, Signode, Strapex, Orgapack, Haloila, H. Böhl and Josef Kihlberg.

In addition to steel and plastic strapping, stretch film and protective packaging, we also manufacture packaging tools and equipment for packaging. Signode is a pioneer in the industrial packaging sector with a long history of customer focused innovations that have revolutionized the industry.

With nearly 7,000 employees working at facilities throughout the US, Europe and Asia, we maintain leading positions in our operations through our global presence, broad product portfolio and long-term customer relationships.

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